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We never can trust someone too much.  But when add trust to organizational skills and empathy, these are the qualities that best describes Claude Huart.  With a smooth approach, he can produce  that are not only satisfying but durable, both for the clients who wish to sell to those who wish to buy a home. 

With an impressive resume including seven years in prestigious universities combined with writing skills as a journalist added to several years spent as a teacher for both elementary and secondary schools, needless to say that Claude has mastered the art of communication which is essential when you embark to become broker for RE/MAX.

In addition, Mr. Huart adhere to the Tranquilli-T program, exclusive to RE/MAX, that will protect you from deadline, withdrawal or the death from the buyer in addition to offer a protection and legal support up to one year after the bill of sale is signed.  Finally, the possibility to use a simple electronic signature speeds up and eases the signature for all legal documents during the process.

Lastly, high definition pictures HDR will provide you to maximize your house’s value.  If needed, your broker can welcome in the process a home staging specialist to get that homey feeling.  



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Claude Huart

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